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About HBG

Haraj Business Group - A Revolution in Global Trade and Services

The difference between success and failure is a great team. Haraj Business Group (HBG) is a group of different companies who work together to achieve their goals. We invite people across the world to join our platform & show potential.

Being an entrepreneur we can be an emotional ride, with ups, downs, joy and disappointment. Sometimes a little piece of
advice or wisdom from a brilliant can help you motor through even the most difficult of times.

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails to always reach my destination.

Write us if you are interested to join our group. Our primary focus areas are mentioned below but not limited to:

  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Cryptocurrency and Ecommerce Solutions
  • Global Trade and Commerce
  • Investment Projects and Project Management
  • Employment Placement Services
  • Creative & Technology Solutions

Get in touch with us. We value customer feedback and our customer support representatives respond to business inquiries quickly.


HBG Team and stakeholder meetings.

1. Easy to start

You can start business with HBG in very simple & easy way. become a member, understand the project & its values. start which way you want. being a member, investor or as marketing CSR, contact us for more.

2. Control your income

You can get unlimited income as you plan with us. create your plan, write us how we can help you or join our project & make handsome money.

3. Business education & skills

You know your skills very much. we are here to teach you more about investing skills at HBG platform. We believe, if you can dream it. you can achieve it.

4. Ownership

If you are planning to lead your own business, you can do it in a very beautiful manner. We invite you to join on HBG, learn and earn more, to do it more easy way. lead more good business opportunities to you.

5. Security

You are secure partnership with HBG. We promise, we deliever it. All transactions are secured, from start to end, with HBG block chain system. We have our own block chain network. Your every assests is safe & secure.

Customer Support

Call & WhatsApp: +6682927895


HBG Charity

Donate for needy people.

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