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Asia Rich International is global supplier for medical, surgical, scientific and other use gloves. We provide full container load to international buyers who wish to import gloves from Thailand.

One stop sourcing for quality gloves made in Thailand for buyers from all world. Click on i-con for read more

Standards based quality and consistency of product is our competitive advantage.

Providing medical and industrial-grade gloves with reliable customer service.

Asia Rich International Co, Ltd is registered under Thai Law in Nonthaburi Provience establish in 2020, Thailand. The base of this company is 170,000 USD & its Princeple Supplier of Medical Gloves. There are three type of gloves. 

1. Nitrile gloves + powder

2. Nitrile powder free

3. Latex gloves

each glove box has stander quality packing of 100 GLV per box and 10 box per CTN. This manufacturing have legal authorized approved certificate.


Import Gloves from Thailand

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