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HBG conglomerate of businesses bring the best investment opportunities.

Current buying price is 0.86 USD & Max Supply - 20 Million 

HBG Coin ( erc-20 Token) going to launched on April 2020. Trading will start in eTop-Traders Co, Ltd end of July 2020 or first week of August 2020. sign up free     click on i-coin for more

      Benfits invest with HBG Coin:

      Base price will goes high always, never down once it fixed from HBG corporate.

      Market trading price up to trading custmers buyer & seller. we can't control trading.

      We are responsible to buy it back on current fix price.

      2 ways earning. trading & investment in HBG Coin.

      visit HBG website for base/ current price & updates

      Start up Price was 0.02 USD. Price go up always. see web page always for current price.....

     Visit our investment page or Contact with support for more info & term for investment. 

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                                Today Price 0.86 USD

Customer Support

Call & WhatsApp: +6682927895


HBG Charity

Donate for needy people.

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